300 Days of Better Writing

June 10, 2013

Use “additive” words to show how a new idea connects to the topic.

You have just written an important idea. Now you want to make another point related to the same topic, and you want the reader to know that it is just as important as the previous idea. You can use “additive” words to do this.

“Additive” words are words that show you are adding to the previous idea. [I’m using quotes around “additive” because this is our word, not the official word.] Sample “additive” words are as follows: additionally, also, similarly, likewise, and furthermore.

These words provide useful signposts to your readers, telling them that the next idea you state is on the same topic as the previous statement, that it is a new idea (not redundant), and that it is as important as the previous statement.

This is the strategy for day 96 in 300 Days of Better Writing, available at Hostile Editing in PDF, Kindle, and paperback formats.

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