300 Days of Better Writing

September 26, 2013

Simplify three common, weak phrases.

Vigorous, direct, and persuasive writing is concise. Here are three common weak phrases and their concise replacements.

in order toto
This is a simple replacement. The sentence “I will use my card in order to buy snacks” becomes “I will use my card to buy snacks.”

there is aa
This will likely require additional revision, but the result will be better. The sentence “I see that there is a dog on the couch” becomes “I see a dog on the couch.”

with/in regards toregards
This changes the verb to regards. The sentence “This letter is in regard to your delinquent account” becomes “This letter regards your delinquent account.”

This is the strategy for day 109 in 300 Days of Better Writing, available at Hostile Editing in PDF, Kindle, and paperback formats.

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