300 Days of Better Writing

October 15, 2013

Write in the appropriate style and tone.

You identified your main and supporting ideas. You organized them logically. You know who your readers are, what they expect, and why they are reading your document. The next step is writing.

As you write, think about how the reader will perceive you (or the organization you represent). What impression do you want to give? The answer to this question will affect your style of writing.

Also, think about the reader’s emotional response. How do you want the reader to feel about the content and you? The answer to this question will affect the tone of your document.

This is only your first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Your purpose is to get the ideas on paper. Other than very light editing, don’t spend too much time revising. You will do that after you finish writing your first draft. You cannot effectively maintain the stream of your thoughts, focus on content, or adhere to a logical organization if you keep interrupting yourself to revise your words.

This is the strategy for day 80 in 300 Days of Better Writing, available at Hostile Editing in PDF, Kindle, and paperback formats.

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