300 Days of Better Writing

Media Kit

300 simple strategies for improving writing, one day at a time, for professionals, adult students, and others who need to write correctly, accurately, and powerfully.
(262 pages, 6″ x 9″ Perfect bound)

Media Kit for Book Buyers and Media Representatives

Download the entire media kit
(PDF, 13 pages, 670 Kb)

Part 0: Cover letter
(PDF, 1 page, 80 Kb)

Part 1. Author biography
(PDF, 1 page, 127 Kb)

Part 2. Publishing information
(PDF, 1 page, 70 Kb)

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions
(PDF, 1 page, 136 Kb)

Part 4A. Promotions
(PDF, 1 page, 135 Kb)

Part 4B. Reviews
(PDF, 1 page, 127 Kb)

Part 5. Excerpts
(PDF, 6 pages, 175 Kb)


  1. Sept. 18: Now available for distribution through Ingram; ISBN: 978-0-9822674-5-5

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