300 Days of Better Writing

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300 simple strategies for improving your writing. These powerful, easy-to-use strategies will help you write clearly, effectively, and correctly. No fluff—just practical advice.

“…300 Days of Better Writing is a choice pick.”
-Midwest Book Review

Write engaging books that readers will buy and enjoy.
Demonstrate your professionalism with clear reports, e-mails, proposals, and letters.
Sell more of your writing.
Submit better papers and receive better grades.
Write clearly, correctly, and purposefully. No matter what you write, you need to write well. This handbook shows you how.


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If you have been looking for a practical yet innovative writing guide, you have found it! Uniquely organized into bite-sized pieces of information, this is a book you will want to keep on your desk. (Marie McGhee, Program Supervisor for Professional Skills and Development, University of New Mexico Division of Continuing Education)Anyone who works through this book steadily is guaranteed by the end to stand ahead of the competition. Besides being packed with valuable information, the topical index also makes it a valuable reference work. (Will Reichard, Senior Vice President of Media, Communications, and Advertising, Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce)300 Days of Better Writing is an essential writing guide and desktop resource for the busy business professional – practical, easy to follow, and time saving. (Marc Witkowski, Director of Business Development, HealthFront)


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Dave Bowman’s advice on grammar, style, and English usage is both sound and effective because it reflects current scholarly research and best workplace practices. Readers who take Bowman’s advice to heart when they pick up a pen or fire up the word processor will find they are stronger writers for doing so. (Scott P. Sanders. Professor, Associate Chair for Core Writing, Director of Professional Writing and Internships, University of New Mexico)

…a dose of daily advice with enough variety and wisdom to make the tips stick … Big words and concepts don’t seem nearly as intimidating when broken down into bite-sized chunks and delivered with accuracy and clarity … This is the book that will carefully lead you, day by day, to improved writing. (John Upchurch, Amazon Reviewer)

300 Days of Better Writing delivers useful writing advice in a digestible format. The content is like Cliffs Notes of best writing practices, applicable to any professional at all levels of the organization. The content is reminiscent of years of grammar, English, and writing classes and delivers clarity on practices not traditionally taught. Its concise format enables the reader to utilize the book like a daily devotional and commit to sustainable improvement. This book has earned its place in my workplace library to be at an arm’s reach for any writing project, large or small. (Michael Lopez, Vice President/Chief Management Officer, COMPA Industries, Inc.)

David Bowman’s 300 Days of Better Writing is that rare gem in business books that addresses the subject matter efficiently, effectively, and with personality. The book’s style and structure make each “daily” lesson easy to understand and help the reader start applying the lesson immediately. In fact, the delivery is so informative, engaging, and enjoyable that you will have difficulty reading only one entry a day! Bowman skillfully hits his intended target on every page, providing great perspective and examples without unnecessary fluff. Furthermore, Bowman does a superb job of communicating the mechanics, tactics, and strategy for each tool, assisting the readers with their immediate challenges while reminding them of the “big picture” objectives involved in any writing effort. Both novice and expert writers will find this a valuable and useful resource.  (David Dericotte, Business Manager)

Would a mediocre or good writer become a better writer by reading and applying the book? No doubt he could. Could one learn to be a better writer, no matter what level of education or training she had? Clearly. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has to write anything for impact. A high school or college paper. A graduate thesis or dissertation (though academic writing is far less stylized than popular writing.) A professional paper or report at work. Really, any place where one must put words on paper to convince a reader and no matter what level the writer, writing, or reader, David Bowman’s 300 Days of Better Writing should be read first. (James Wilkinson, Ph.D., Federal Aviation Administration)

300 Days of Better Writing is a breath of fresh air to any aspiring or functioning writer.  With over 8 years of professional writing experience, I’d like to think that I had a firm handle on the areas of writing I struggle with, but I was wrong.  David Bowman presents many writing dilemmas even I was guilty of committing.  He not only exposes the problematic writing, but he offers a hands-on strategy to eliminate the undesirable writing behavior(s) . . . Overall, this book is informative, personable, and easy to read.  I look forward to putting this newfound information to use in future writing endeavors.  Be prepared to be educated in a method that feels less like lecturing and more like friendly, personal instruction. (Jason Scott, CEO, Rasilliant Enterprises)

After 40 years in education, as a teacher, professional development trainer, and co-owner of a tutoring company, I wish I had 300 Days of Better Writing as a resource. These easy-to-understand, common sense guidelines to better and improved writing do not read like a text book. The examples are full of humor and reflect real life communication . . . It is about time we have a writing and communication book of this caliber. (Elizabeth Ethelbah, Education consultant)

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